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searching for the enemies
Tanny Anderson
Grey and Honies



Grey and Honies


Out of fear Drake fled his secret vampire world and move to Otherworld, where he find refuge in Florida.

R.J. Green is the author of: 'Searching for the Enemies,' ‘Grey and Honies,’ and his current series, 'Tanny Anderson.'He also wrote several screenplays, plays, and music lyrics he sang under his stage name Masta Recka.


The favorite of the many quotes he wrote, "People remembered you by the bad you did, if you gonna do bad, give them your best."       

Tanny Anderson

A heart touching story about a Jamaican girl...

Tanny is the female version/Harry Potter, except the magic of Tanny's life is more realistic - Oprah

Searching for the Enemies

The Devil did a bad thing for the good of Humankind.

Delayed Effect

The Promised

short stories


New novel by R.J. Green





Tanny Anderson
Searching for the Enemies

CHOICE is control of your destiny

Reflection of the inner and outer you

Decisions you make, and didn’t

Friends you choose, things you do

Choice is like a dagger, it’s yours to use

But be careful… For choice does get abused.